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I'm sitting here watching the Apple Keynote Address where they introduce the iPhone. It looks absolutely amazing as in I'm sitting here drooling.

Its an iPod, Phone and Internet Commuicator all in one. There aren't any buttons or anything in the phone apart from the one home button, the on/off button. Its a very large touch screen. And you don't use a stylus to interact with it, you use your finger.

So all the buttons etc are inbuilt in each of the applications, making it so much more versatile than current smartphones.

Its not getting released in Australia until 2008, which will be at least 6 months after the states release. This is probably a good thing as Aussies will be able to see the reaction to the phone in the states. As well as if there are any major design flaws we'd be able to wait until version 2 or something by seeing the reaction and problems in the states.

The other issue is that it will be interesting seeing which mobile companies will offer the kind of internet connection and phone connection that it looks like the phone requires. Its built to be connected to the net almost 24/7 so you would need a mobile internet connection thats pretty decent, but I imagine those sorts of connections are going to become far more competitive in the next few years anyway. I would assume that you don't 'need' the net connection, just a phone connection would work fine, but to do that you ignore 1/3 of the device.

Looking at the sms features, it displays the QWERTY keyboard on the screen and you touch the on-screen buttons. This could be potentially a problem. Only because me and so many people are used to the numeric keypad and multi pressing of the buttons. However as its a smart phone and aimed at not only new users but existing users who use phones like the blackberry it makes sense. And the onscreen buttons are no smaller than the plastic ones on the blackberry or similar devices.

It also groups sms conversations, like GMAIL does, which could be bad as you'll forget how much you spend per sms.

The internet browser looks ten times more advanced than any browser currently available, showing the actual webpage, rather than a 'mobile' version.

I'm hoping that it will be able to sync with the PC as well as Mac, and theres only one reason for this. With my new job, being a .net based company I'll be using a PC 99% if not 100% of the time. As unfortunate as this is, because I'm a mac fanatic.

It just showed in the speech that it hooks up with google maps! so its a mapping/navigating device as well!

Now a major concern that I have is the durability of the device. Its a large touch screen, will it be prone to scratching like the iPod seems to be prone too? Naturally half of it depends on how carefully you treat the device, but if its designed to be thin so it fits in your pocket, it needs to not scratch as easily as the iPod Nano did.

They're marketing it as Your Life in Your Pocket, and it really looks like it is, if it performs as well as it is thought to.



Put your music library on shuffle and answer the questions with songs in the order they come up. It doesn't really make sense at times, but some answers you come up with will freak you out.

1. What's my mood like right now? The Analyst - Delta Goodrem
2. How's tomorrow going to be for me? Sexy Eyes - Whigfield
3. What kind of person am I? Try Too Hard - Pink (LOL)
4. Am I loved? This Love - Maroon 5 (not so good)
5. How can I achieve my highest potential? Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
6. What should I do with my life? Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle (oh dear)
7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end? Sanctuary - Spiral Dance
8. What is my best quality? Falling Down - Avril Lavigne
9. How does my love life look? Demigod - Wendy Rule
10. What's the meaning of life? You're so Real - Matchbox Twenty
11. What do people think of me? You're All I have - Snow Patrol
12. Would I make a good catch? Whats my Scene - Hoodoo Gurus
13. How crazy am I? Nature Boy - David Bowie
14. Will I have a good life in general? Brand New Day - For Foot Echo
15. Can (?) ever really love me? Red Blooded Woman - Kylie
16. Can me and (?) ever be more than friends? Breathe - Michelle Branch
17. What's going to happen to me this week? Road Trippin' - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
18. Where will I be a year from now? Cordy Meets Fred - Angel Sountrack
19. What is my biggest wish? My Generation - The Who
20. What is the love of my life doing at this very moment? Weekend Song - Freestylers
21. How will I die? One in a Million - Body Jar
22. What will happen after I die? Secret - Maroon 5
23. How do my friends feel about me? Dear Mr President - Pink


Life is moving but not moving, going quickly but oh so slowly, getting better but getting worse, going forwards but going in circles, going up but going down.

I have a new job, but that doesn't start for over a month. Until then I'm back with my Dad until about a week before the new job starts. Its like my life is a tunnel and i can see the end of it but its like moving through water or something thicker until I can get to that place. Once I get there I imagine things will be easier even though I know at times they won't be.

I also realised that I am being unfair on Pete. I get annoyed at him working night shifts and then being tired and lethargic in the day when I do see him, but he's doing it to get rid of his debts as quickly as possible for a life with us. So I get angry and then when we see each other we are angry at each other and its not a happy place to be. I don't know why I let myself get so worked up over it but I do. Something to talk about to the counsellor.

I suggested to the counsellor that I don't see him anymore and he said that he felt like there was a bigger issue that needs to be addressed that hasn't yet. We hadn't gotten to the centre part of the problem. Thing is I have no idea what it is or whwat it could be or what it should be or anything like that.

I'm going well relearning Asp.net. Though at times I wonder whether I can remember it the day after. I guess I just need to spend more time making up examples to play with to see if I can actually learn it. But its shaking my confidence and making me wonder whether they'll fire me after 3 months.

Yearly Reflection

The Thing We Do At the End of the Year:

January: So New Years Eve.

February: So when last you heard from me I was complaining that life was always complicated. Now for a little bit of explanation.


April: Ok so normal moving sucks anyways but moving countries when they have tiny tiny baggage allowances is even worse.

May: I'm settling in ok I guess.

June: I've moved on from the place of wallowing in self pity that I have been in for the past 2 months.

July: So its another Monday :(

August: Aparently its snowing at Sydney airport.

September: I convinced work to sign me up to do the Microsoft Office Specialist course with Seek Learning as they were having a special on it where it was discounted from $2500 to $1000.

October: After a fairly stressful weekend its now Monday and I am so completely not wanting to be at work.

November: So I mentioned a while ago about getting my Astrology chart done to give me some insight into where to do and in doing so requested my birth time from the hospital.

December: Well its the first of december which is decidedly odd.

Weird. Its interestng looking at all of these entries and remembering things that I'd long forgotten.

I got the job!

Back on the 4th of december I posted about what would suitable business attire be for a 33 degree day. Most of you would have guessed that the reason for that question was because I had an assessment centre thingie.

Well that came and went and then I had an interview which I wasn't thrilled with (they started off with 'well we really wanted coders but the recruitment company sent you over so we'll continue with the interview'). I just found out that I got the job! 2 year graduate position with KAZ group.

Course now I need to a) buy more business type attire and b) brush up on ASP.NET.

Any help in the latter would be appreciated, books to recommend etc.

I'm excited but now scared but excited!


Kim is a smart cookie

Kim is a smart cookie. She got her VCE results today. 98.2! And thats without doing one of her exams cause she was going through withdrawal.

I'm really proud of her.

Soooo can't be bothered

For the past week I've been working like a chicken with my head cut off to prepare for a training session being held today. This included taking calls from people about what elective units they should choose, reformatting every single unit in the course because dad wanted to change things like font, printing and photocopying every single unit and assembling 9 binders.

Finished pretty much right on 5:30 last night.

And right now I can't be bothered doing anything.

In more positive news Pete and I got in early and booked our photographer for the wedding. The way I figure it, I'm happy to pay for the photos as they're going to last longer than the day itself. We're getting what I think is a good deal, $1100 for 8 hours of photography and a complimentary pre wedding photo shoot. No actual prints are included but as we're both digital people I think thats a good thing. He'll do additional stuff if we ask him to, like a digital frame for our pictures, where its like a permanent slideshow of the pics. Funky in my opinion.

We're going to start booking things in January. Mum and Dad said they'll pay for the reception which is good as with 110 people invited thats going to be the biggest expense. 35 of those people I'm directly related to which means I cant not invite them, and have to cut down on friends which is sucky.

But its exciting to plan, though I'm trying not to get too worked up over it just yet. with 15 months to go... not that i'm counting... its not worth it being stressed for that amount of time. But I'm hoping planning early will make it less stressful leading up to the day.

The thing is I want to type so much more about it but also want it to be a surprise for people on the day. Tough decision.


So what counts as business attire on a 33 degree day?

Undoubtedly the assessment centre will be warm however do I still need to wear a suit? not that I necessarily own a suit, I own pants but they're wool so on a 33 degree day its not going to be fun. Can I get away with a skirt that is majority brown with a pattern on it, I guess if I teamed it with a whitish shirt and shoes. Though I need the whiteish shirt and appropriate shoes. Maybe during lunch I'll go shopping, though Pete may be coming to meet me for lunch so that may not work.


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